AI - Photography

Contained within this special collection are my playful experimentations with the seemingly limitless capacities of AI in photography. These pieces may pique your interest, tickle your imagination, or invite perplexed fascination. Would they have Ansel Adams scratching his head in consternation? Quite possibly. But bear in mind, these creations are born not from a shift in direction, but a light-hearted exploration of the uncharted.

Although the prospect of harnessing AI in photography presents a riveting new frontier, it is important to affirm that this digital dalliance will not replace the irreplaceable. The cherished feeling of peering through the viewfinder, the unique connection that forms between a photographer and their subject, the unspoken narrative captured in a single moment - these are the essence of photography that no technology can truly replicate.

Pixel Intelligence

AI - Olaf Ernst

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